Change For The Worse?

February 22, 2009 at 4:14 am (iCarly, Seddie)

We had a feeling since the beginning that Freddie wouldn’t like Sam’s transformation in iGirlify Sam. And we’re still sticking with that theory. Not that he wouldn’t mind seeing her dressed up a little, that is quite understandable. But just the generalization of her changing her whole personality for this so-called guy, he wouldn’t like. As we quickly saw in iKiss, Freddie actually likes Sam picking on him to a certain degree. At least when he looks back upon it he can smile.. (for the most part at least). Could this new transformed Sam possibly be a Sam that doesn’t pick on Freddie? :O

Like we said, we still find that in the long run Freddie is not going to be the one happy with the transformation. Being so Carly was supposedly the one who gave Sam this transformation, we don’t think she will be so quick on realizing that this isn’t what Sam needs.

Jennette mentions that Sam goes into an “uncomfortable, self conscious..” state! Also mentions that she’s afraid the guy won’t like her for who she is.. It almost seems as though she put herself in Freddie’s boat. Not that Freddie goes around changing himself for Carly. But lets be honest, if Carly were to like Freddie it defiantly wouldn’t be for who he is now. daGASP! OHHHH OOHHHH OH! This can get way too good, way too Seddie.. Assuming they wrote it that way.

All and all Seddie or not. we do think it’s going to come down to Freddie telling Sam what’s what. Telling her how she shouldn’t be changing for this one guy  And that there are other guys who would want to be with her for who she was.. YES! He’ll say that, and then start having to take his OWN advice! Could Freddie possibly be burning himself at the same time? HAHAHAHA!!!

Another theory that has been cooked up. Was that Freddie helps Sam with her transformation. Carly is in charge of accessorizing.. Freddie speech and manners. In other words he’ll make a duchess out of her!

Though all and all we’d have to totally go My Fair Lady on this thing and have some idiot singing on the street where she lived. Freddie proclaiming how he did it, taking full and total credit for Sam’s transformation. Sam storming out.. Freddie going to his apartment only to find Sam with his mom having tea. Finally Sam and Freddie banter it out, Sam leaves gracefully (did we just say that? XD).. Freddie throwing a fit convincing himself that he’s better off without Sam in his life, until he comes to the realization that he can’t live without her. Sadden by the reality that he’ll never see her again he mopes to the iCarly studio where he watches old episodes of iCarly just to get a glimpse of Sam. Suddenly the video stops as Sam announces her presence in the room.

Freddie brightens and smiles: Sam?.. Where the devil is my flash drive?

Of course that theory would probably last throughout one of several episodes. But we can’t help but be delighted by the concept.  Though in all reality we must say we do stick to the conclusion that Freddie will be the one to be against Sam’s transformation in the long run. Though he probably wouldn’t mind seeing her dressed up a bit. 😉

What do YOU think? Please, tell us your thoughts.. we’d love to hear them. 😀 Once again Thank You for watching/listening/reading!


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When Freddie Met Fred..

February 17, 2009 at 5:56 am (iCarly, Seddie)

iMeet Fred was not only an awesome episode in general, it had tons of shipping love! Seddie and Cred (Carly/Fred, not to be confused with Creddie)!!

And let it be known that it has been yet another episode where Freddie did NOT hit on Carly! Yay Freddie!

Seddie-ish Stuffs:

  • Apparently Sam has a pet name for Freddie, “Fudge Face” (not really an insult, maybe she’s losing her touch.. or maybe it’s something else 😉 )
  • Reason number ONE for picking on Freddie: She LOVES it!
  • Sam beats Freddie with a tennis racket. Gotta love the abuse<3
  • Sam not only threw Freddie out of the tree house.. she JUMPED on him! Again, love the abuse<3

Hopefully, Fred will return to iCarly soon. Carly didn’t seem too displeased of the idea of her and Fred kissing. ;-P Sweet idea? Yes, no? What do you think? XD

Thank You once again for reading/listening/watching! And thank you so much for the feedback on our videos, we really appreicate it! 😀 You guys rock!

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iRocked The Vote

February 8, 2009 at 5:07 am (iCarly, Seddie)

Okay, so we had the joy of four episodes in a row without Freddie hitting on Carly. Then it happens.. which was expected. Once again, dull, lifeless.. and as Carly would say “Not happening.” I’m sorry, but there’s just that fact that Creddie is super dull. But whatever, we knew it was bound to come up again.. HOWEVER, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Example 1:

After Freddie asked the question of how it would be awesome if him and Carly went out.. Sam frowned and told him to get on to the real question. Annoyed, angry.. just not pleased whatsoever.

Example 2:

The revenge: Phone licking.  Not once, but twice.

Example 3:

Hugs for everyone! Freddie hugged Carly, yet didn’t linger (good boy).. nor extremely pleased or thrilled by it. He turns around to almost hug Sam? That quickly turned into “the awkward standing silence”.  Before they had no trouble sharing a hug, so why the awkwardness now? 😉 They have to keep their distance to keep the romantic tension down?

Example 4:

Carly’s mention of Freddie needing a girlfriend. Okay, was that ever a set up for a hit on? Once again.. dull, predictable.

Example 5:

We never did see the the dress Freddie choose for Sam.. but apparently she threw a corndog at it and walked out? Hmmm… I wonder just how sexy it was? XD

Example 6:

Freddie ogling over OTHER GIRLS right in front of Carly! No big deal right? Yes, it is.. if he loved her he would of at least pretended not to notice. This thus proves that Freddie’s infatuation for Carly is slowly dying as it use to be she was the only one in the room.

Once again not much.. but still SOMETHING! We can’t expect for a major Seddie moment to happen just yet.. after all it’s only been two episodes since the kiss. Realitzation has yet to kick in. Fighting has returned, physical contact at minim, there’s an awkwardness that wasn’t there before.. something is happening. 😉

Delete Scene: Sam’s Reaction XD (We Seddiers can dream, can’t we? 😉 )


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Episode IV Aftermath

February 2, 2009 at 1:54 am (Seddie)

“A contestant on “America Sings” named David Archuleta (who plays himself) appears on Carly’s show before defeating his rude competitor, Wade King. But Wade then gains sympathy thanks to a sob story, so Carly helps expose Wade’s true arrogance.” –Information provided by

LaneTea and I recently saw the commercial to iRocked the Vote featuring David Archuleta from American Idol. Now after hearing about this episode for MONTHS and MONTHS, the buzz as kinda died down for us. Nothing personal, but we’re not big on American Idol or David.. however we do love his song Crush. *cough*SEDDIE*cough* But on to more important matters… SEDDIE! Maybe not so much for this one, but we could always be hopeful.

In the commercial Freddie doesn’t seem all to impressed by David like Sam and Carly do. And really who can blame him? I mean he is a guy.   So we we’re wondering, what if he was for Wade? What if he is helping Wade with his scheme, but isn’t aware of his intentions? Could we say season 2 Zuko betrial? XD Just kidding.

Silly Seddie would be the idea of sneaking into America Sings while David is performing his song Crush. Freddie and Sam pose as boyfriend and girlfriend. Yes? No? Hey! You thinking of stuff.

Given(?) David performs his hit song Crush, while the iCarly team watches. While singing we see Freddie glance over at Sam smiling and then quickly looks away, then Sam glances over at Freddie who is now glancing at Carly for no apparent reason.. Conflict! HAHA!

Okay, so it’s probably a true given that there will probably be little to no Seddie. But if anything there will be tons of Carly flirting with David. XD Maybe Freddie jealously? Maybe not?  *shrugs* If he doesn’t get jealous or just care.. it would almost confirm Seddie more.

If you have any ideas please share them, we’d love to hear them! 😀

All we can say really is that Seddie PLEASE SURPRISE US! 😀

Thank You for listening and/or reading! Hope you enjoyed! And remember the contest! iGirlify Sam vs. iGo Green! You decided!

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