Freddie’s Blog: Secret Seddie?

March 28, 2009 at 4:09 am (iCarly, Seddie)

I know there has been a numerous amount of times where Freddie has mentioned Sam in his blog and visa versa. So I was on the boards when I read a post in the Seddie forum from giadolphin9965 saying to check out Freddie’s blog. Thank You giadolphin9965! You made our night! 😀

The blog is about how his PearPhone changes his texts because it thinks he misspelled them! Lets see what one of those mishaps was, shall we:

Message I Wanted to Send to Sam:
“I loathe you!”
Message My PearPhone ACTUALLY Sent:
“I love you.”
Aftermath: Sam responded back: “I hate you with every inch of my being. Lose my number, jerk-face.”

To read Freddie’s full blog go here:

You can’t tell me that wasn’t awesome! 😀 Also if you move forward in the blog you will notice that his interest for Carly might slowly be dying down as there is this cute girl in his history class.. *wonders* Yes, I know that’s not Seddie but it’s a step away from Creddie. 😉

As always Thank You for the feedback and comments =^_^= You guys rock! We hope to have a new video for you guys soon! Remember the Seddie Contest is still on! We hope you’ll participate! Rock on Fellow Seddiers!


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Seddie Contest

March 22, 2009 at 1:03 am (iCarly, Seddie)

Contest Time! It’s time to put that creative Seddie mind into gear! We’re pulling out all the creative genres; fanart, fanfiction, and even fanvid!

Of course this wouldn’t be a contest without prizes! Each category will have a first prize granted. (other prizes may be granted depending upon participation)

All First Prize Winners Will Receive:

  • 2.5 Seddie button (art by SarcasticLeaves)
  • A giftart of your choice (this will be expanded upon after the contest is held)
  • Promotion of your art/fiction/video

General Rules:

  • Must be Seddie related
  • You may enter once per category (this gives you three opportunities to win)
  • You may change your entry til the due date.
  • Must be under a PG-13 rating (keep it clean)
  • Must be your own work (though we’re sure you’re all aware of that one..)

Fanart Rules:

  • Your entry must be complete. (please give your best effort)
  • No photo manips and/or screencap edits

Fanfiction Rules:

  • Must be no longer then 5000 words (Sorry for the limit)
  • Can be any form of literature

Fanvid Rules: (see general rules)

Submissions Guidelines:

  • Please contact SarcasticLeaves at these following sites:

Or email:

(Considering Viacom’s ongoing offgoing policies we think it best to send your video through e-mail as well as hosting it on YouTube)

Contest Begins April 1st – Ends May 6th 9th

Any further questions will be answered in the comment section of this blog or YouTube video

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A Seddie Filled Episode

March 8, 2009 at 11:32 pm (iCarly, Seddie)

We don’t care if it makes sense or not, Seddie is Seddie! 😀

Seddie-field Moments (some may  be more insane then others):

  • Tons of Seddie bantering<3!
  • Sam and Freddie played a married couple! (to Carly nevertheless)
  • Photo banter
  • Mild flirting at the computer(?) 😉
  • “Don’t you lie to mama.”
  • Sam abuses Freddie by pushing out of the chair
  • Freddie tries to one up Carter with email (He’s trying to impress her!)
  • “Please let his itch come back.”
  • Finishing each other’s sentences
  • Sneak out together while Carly’s having a tantrum (Note Freddie gets the door for Sam)
  • Sam look alike: “Hey, when did Freddie start to look so hot?” (Now think about this.. it could of just as easily been Carly’s look alike to point that out, yet it was Sam’s 😉 )

Possible iGirlify Sam References(?):

  • Carter(?) (possibly might be this so-called guy that Sam likes)
  • Freddie is already in the mix.. They don’t seem to like each other too much. ( 😉 So Freddie might not support this relationship from the get go..)
  • Carter is aggressive and mean.. much like Sam. (Almost too much like Sam if you ask us)

That’s about all for now,  we’re going to start working on the iGirlify Sam Speculation Part 2 (which will done ASAP)! Please feel free to comment and speculate along with us! Thank You for reading/listening/watching! We love you guys! Take Care 😀

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