A Seddie Filled Episode

March 8, 2009 at 11:32 pm (iCarly, Seddie)

We don’t care if it makes sense or not, Seddie is Seddie! 😀

Seddie-field Moments (some may  be more insane then others):

  • Tons of Seddie bantering<3!
  • Sam and Freddie played a married couple! (to Carly nevertheless)
  • Photo banter
  • Mild flirting at the computer(?) 😉
  • “Don’t you lie to mama.”
  • Sam abuses Freddie by pushing out of the chair
  • Freddie tries to one up Carter with email (He’s trying to impress her!)
  • “Please let his itch come back.”
  • Finishing each other’s sentences
  • Sneak out together while Carly’s having a tantrum (Note Freddie gets the door for Sam)
  • Sam look alike: “Hey, when did Freddie start to look so hot?” (Now think about this.. it could of just as easily been Carly’s look alike to point that out, yet it was Sam’s 😉 )

Possible iGirlify Sam References(?):

  • Carter(?) (possibly might be this so-called guy that Sam likes)
  • Freddie is already in the mix.. They don’t seem to like each other too much. ( 😉 So Freddie might not support this relationship from the get go..)
  • Carter is aggressive and mean.. much like Sam. (Almost too much like Sam if you ask us)

That’s about all for now,  we’re going to start working on the iGirlify Sam Speculation Part 2 (which will done ASAP)! Please feel free to comment and speculate along with us! Thank You for reading/listening/watching! We love you guys! Take Care 😀



  1. Kelsey said,

    love your blogs! 🙂 I can’t wait for iGirlify Sam! 🙂

    • sarcastictealeaves said,

      Thank You<3!
      Neither can we! We hope it airs soon.. even though the date got changed. Maybe it only got pushed by a matter of weeks? *is hopeful*

  2. CrazyKK said,

    omg dont forget how sam apoligized to freddei for putting the picture of the crazy guy lol i RLY RLY hope igirlify sam is the next ep. XD this whole episode i was spazzin out it was nice to see a serious spencer, but carly acted a little spoiled during that scene(not tht i dont love carly) lol but i agree TONS of seddie

    • sarcastictealeaves said,

      You’re right, before she put up the picture of the toilet? 😀 Hee hee At least the toilet was cuter.. XD That sounded strange, but it’s true!
      I loved serious Spencer as well, it was nice to see another side of him as well as Carly. I mean yes, she acted rather bratty.. but for me it’s great to see her not always be so proper and perfect. It makes her more well rounded as a character, not that I want her to act like that all the time.. but it worked for this episode. 🙂
      YAY! Tons of Seddie! 😀

  3. Elizabeth said,

    I LOVED it! Watched it Three times before I stopped Dieing! SEDDIE! I love the whole hallway thing. Sam is completely flirting! Thanks for writing and casting I always go to you guys for a laugh.

  4. Elizabeth said,

    So I was Just watching iWill Date Freddie, and I relizied that, Carly ask him if there was any kissing, and he said, “Maybe a little.” Then Carly asks what kind of kiss(She did the peck kinda kiss, then a more then a peck kinda kiss to the air, NOT Freddie) and Freddie never answers. So this go me thinking, why would he say that, if they didn’t? To impress, I don’t know, SAM?

  5. sarcastictealeaves said,

    To Elizabeth:

    I know wasn’t that episode (iLook Alike) just amazing?! One of the best!

    Enlightening on iWill Date Freddie! You make a good point there. It seems like Freddie is more into impressing Sam then he is Carly. Which is odd considering he’s suppose to have a crush on Carly. LaneTea and I were just talking about the fact how Freddie really never tries to win Carly over, mainly just hits on her. However with Sam it seems like he’s trying to impress her moreso then anything.. Very interesting thought.

    Thank You<3! for the comments! You’re too sweet! =^_^= Rock on Fellow Seddier!

  6. Elizabeth said,

    My Pleasher! I love looking for seddieness!

    P.S. Was just on you DeviantArt thing, and I love you picture The Realization!
    ( I know, I know, I googled you, a little bit obsesive, right.)

  7. sarcastictealeaves said,

    Yay! For Seddieness! 😀

    Thank You<3 =^_^= I’m glad you liked it.
    (No worries =^_^= )

  8. Caitlin said,

    ahhh so sad right now 😦 i wont be able to see the next episode of icarly wen it comes out i have a dance competition tht day 😦 i will have to see it the next day lol i know that sounds WAY obsessed XD NE way have you been seeing dans twtpics? i think sam might acually be SCARED in ithink they kissed OH EM GEZ!!!! SAM???? SCARED?O.O lol i am so excited for this episode i wish i knew when it would come out

    • sarcastictealeaves said,

      I’m sorry. 😦 But at least you’ll get to see it the next day. 😀 Hee hee don’t worry, I think we’re all obsessed one way or another. Heck, I’ve been drawing Seddie pictures all week! Talk about obsessed? XD
      As a matter of fact I got a twitter account for that very reason. 😀 It’s so awesome to see the work in process. 😀 I agree, I do think she seems very concerned and even scared.. There’s going to be a flood of Seddiers online when that episode comes out. Hopefully it will be sooner rather then later!

      Rock on Fellow Seddier!

  9. iJulia97 From Utube :) said,

    u probably have like seen my comments on ur utube videos lol 🙂
    and anywaysss like
    u guys are hilarious! 🙂
    your blogs so correct.

    • sarcastictealeaves said,

      Hi! 😀 Thanks for dropping by our blog!

      Thank You so much =^_^= You’re too kind.
      Ha ha yes! They do need to date, but all great things take time 😉 It will be so worth it in the end though!

      Rock on Fellow Seddier!

  10. Elizabeth said,

    OMG! Just watched iWant my URL Back! Not sure weather to be excited or scared, but i and so confused! No sam making fun of freddie, no freddie fighting with sam, no freddie hitting on Carly, I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Befutled!! I kinda fell like this may mean that there more of friends, or just distraced with all the mayhem, but i don’t know, post your video soon, I want to know ur guyses thoughts!

  11. CrazyKK said,

    GRRR i am confused 2 elizabeth i mean i still want them to fight if they get 2gether in fact i want the kissing to be randomly in a fight but no creddie (which i was surprised about) but then again no seddie creddie is in fact slowly dying tho XD i mean rly you wpuld think if freddie was so in love with carly he would b upset tht nevel wanted to kiss carly but GOD DAN PLZ IF UR READING THIS LET THE NEXT EP BE I GIRLIFY SAM I AM BEGGING YOU!!!!

  12. sarcastictealeaves said,

    To Elizabeth and CrazyKK,

    I’m rather shocked myself. Though LaneTea and I are rather happy that Freddie didn’t hit on Carly.. but then again you have to look at the fact that neither Sam or Freddie were really in the episode in general. Mainly in the background. Freddie a little moreso then Sam, but even then it was more of a matter of fact deal..

    I think it was just one of those episodes.. Really didn’t get much out of it. Though I can’t help but feel that the writers/creators sometimes under estimate their fans. They think we’re all in it for the comedy and humor when we really want something with a little more meat on it. I mean, in reality I understand why there was no Seddie or even Creddie (like CrazyKK pointed out though.. Freddie didn’t even seem jealous of the fact of Carly kissing Nevel.. I think his crush is slowly dying down in reality).. but even then it seems kinda just random that there was really nothing of the usual substance for this episode.

    Hopefully this all makes sense.. ^^;

  13. sarcastictealeaves said,

    Both Elizabeth and CrazyKK really got me thinking! Thank You both so much! 🙂

    Hopefully, iGirlify Sam WILL be the next episode and they won’t move it again!

    Rock on Fellow Seddiers! 😀

  14. Elizabeth said,

    And i really don’t think it was a bad episode, I just wan’t a little more seddie. *Cries But Seddie will come! And we can say we knew it would happen!

  15. Khristine said,

    heyy ! i lahhv your vids on youtube. Seddie makes me feel all jittery and then i have to run around the house like a lunatic..lol Soo yeah i cant wait to see a reaction from Freddie when Sam gets all ‘Girlified’ and all that chiz! lol and it comes out april 11th according to seddie.2ya.com haa..im such a phsyco fanatic! woo; SEDDiE all the way!!!!

    • sarcastictealeaves said,

      Thank You<3 =^_^=
      Seddie makes us feel the same way! We can’t wait for iMake Sam Girly, it’s going to be awesome! Hopefully Nick won’t change the date again.. first it was March 21st, then it was April 4th.. so hopefully this is it 😀

      Seddie FTW!
      Rock on Fellow Seddier!

  16. Pigquet said,

    I think my favorite Seddie banter/fight ever has to be in the beginning of iLook Alike. Because, they’re literally fighting about (honestly, listen closely to the dialouge) whether or not Freddie looks like a toilet. 🙂 When you’re fighting about that, you pretty much just enjoy fighting, LOOOOL!

    Yeah, your “He’s trying to impress her with technology” thing is so funny and true! LOL

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