Seddie Contest

March 22, 2009 at 1:03 am (iCarly, Seddie)

Contest Time! It’s time to put that creative Seddie mind into gear! We’re pulling out all the creative genres; fanart, fanfiction, and even fanvid!

Of course this wouldn’t be a contest without prizes! Each category will have a first prize granted. (other prizes may be granted depending upon participation)

All First Prize Winners Will Receive:

  • 2.5 Seddie button (art by SarcasticLeaves)
  • A giftart of your choice (this will be expanded upon after the contest is held)
  • Promotion of your art/fiction/video

General Rules:

  • Must be Seddie related
  • You may enter once per category (this gives you three opportunities to win)
  • You may change your entry til the due date.
  • Must be under a PG-13 rating (keep it clean)
  • Must be your own work (though we’re sure you’re all aware of that one..)

Fanart Rules:

  • Your entry must be complete. (please give your best effort)
  • No photo manips and/or screencap edits

Fanfiction Rules:

  • Must be no longer then 5000 words (Sorry for the limit)
  • Can be any form of literature

Fanvid Rules: (see general rules)

Submissions Guidelines:

  • Please contact SarcasticLeaves at these following sites:

Or email:

(Considering Viacom’s ongoing offgoing policies we think it best to send your video through e-mail as well as hosting it on YouTube)

Contest Begins April 1st – Ends May 6th 9th

Any further questions will be answered in the comment section of this blog or YouTube video



  1. Lana "PhantomPearl" said,

    I love your vids, they’re so awesome. I found some Secret Seddie (love the secret seddie song, btw) in iWant My Website Back. With Bi-Polar Bunny having conflicting emotions…that can be applied toward Seddie! They have conflicting emotions too! lol. Nice new contest, I might enter something.

    • sarcastictealeaves said,

      To Lana “Phantom Pearl”,

      Thank You so much =^_^=
      “conflicting emotions” LOVE IT! 😀 Thanks for the Secret Seddie
      Yay! We’re so excited to see people wanting to participate in the contest!

      Rock on Fellow Seddier! Hope to hear from you soon! =^_^=

  2. Princess said,

    I loved you new spazzy semi-review! Thanks to a fellow Seddite over at the Seddie forums, there was a secret Seddie scene that I caught the 3rd time I watched iWant My Website Back. You know the scene where Mandy meets them at the Groovy Smoothie…well, it’s the scene after that when she tells them to sit. If you pay close attention, there are 5 seats and Sam happens to place her bag on the floor b/c Carly went to sit in the seat left of Sam and Mandy to sit in 1 of 2 chairs across from her, leaving the chair to the right of Sam and across from Carly vacant for Freddie…at least it seemed he was going to sit next to Sam, which thought he was going to do.

    But when Freddie places his bag on the vacant seat and goes to sit next to Mandy, Sam looks back down at her bag in a “looks-like-I-put-you-down-there-for-nothing”-type look, then her eyes kinda shift from her bag, to Freddie, then to Mandy. My interpretation of Sam’s face after she asks if any of them missed her was a “considering-all-of-the-annoying-stuff-from-the-last-time-and-the-fact-that-that-dork-was-supposed-to-sit-next-to-me-means-it’s-a No”- type of expression.

    Phew! That was incredibly detailed for an extremely subtle Seddie moment. LOL.

    Oh, and when Bust Spencer came back from Nevel’s autograph signing, they knew EXACTLY what had happened to Spencer with all his panting and huffing…plus it was another Seddie sentence-finisher scene:
    Sam: Nevel figured out it was you…
    Freddie: …and you got chased by security guards.

    Phew! Now I’m done. LOL.

    Oops, I forgot! During their webcast of their original western play, when Sam’s character says, “Well, you surely must be an idiot…”, it cuts to Freddie’s reaction, which very smiley and entertained. That’s been happening quite a few times in previous episodes where Carly says something, then Sam says something, then Freddie’s reactions are always after Sam’s…;D

    Ok, ok. NOW, I’m done. LOL. Those were the 3 subtle, yet very detailed secret Seddie scenes that I hope you can catch the next time you watch the episode. ^_^

  3. Princess said,

    Oops I almost for got! Their password for their iCarly account! SamLovesHam (or however way they chose to spell/type it)…the fact that Freddie gets to type that every time he logs in to update their site. <3<3

    That makes 4!!

    • sarcastictealeaves said,

      To Princess,

      Thank You for your comments<3 We appreciate them =^_^=
      Thank You for enlightening us with all your Secret Seddie! You’re awesome! You made so many awesome points!

      Rock on Fellow Seddier! Hope to hear from you soon =^_^=

  4. Elizabeth said,

    Princess, I totally agree with all the stuff you said, watched it again and found that stuff also. This is kinda seddie, but I am being completely obsessive( not that many seddiers are not), in the part were they are at the groove smoothy for the 2nd time, and Mandy tells them that she sighed the url to Nevel, freddie whips out his laptop and, sam , I guess you wouldn’t say leans onto him, but maybe into him, to see the screen ( btw Carly doen’t lean, she gets up and walks around) So yeah, talk about secret! But anyway, I can’t wait for iGirlify Sam!
    See ya Seddiers!

  5. EmcatPeace said,

    Yo. Ummm, I’ve been thinkin about entering one of your contest. Supposedly it would be the drawing one becuase I do anime. So yep yo guys are funny and cool. Yeah…. so please respond and help me think of what to do. Seddie and Creddie are bothe awsome. Seen your videos. Yep………………………PEACE OUT HOME DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • sarcastictealeaves said,

      Sweet! 😀 Looking forward to seeing it!
      Sadly, we can’t tell you what to do.. we unbiased when it comes to this contest. Just think of the most Seddiest thing possible and go from there. 😀

      Rock on! Peace Out! 😀

  6. EmcatPeace said,

    teehee….I agree with “Princess” even though thats an odd name for um a comment!Srry but I bet someone else would agree with me. Back to the subject, ummmm I didnt notice that chair thing BUT I did see freddie but his bag in the vacant chair and sit next to mandy. Hope he doesnt like mandy even though she looks pretty without her glasses and she doesnt talk like a freak. Also I also think freddie & sam are a good match. Same with freddie& carly. sooooooo…… if anyone wants to reply please do and I will get back to you on that. My website is Please visit. bye:)ooooh look a smiley face:)oooooh another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. Princess (aka: azn_zutarian) said,

    No prob SarcasticLeaves!

    I really can’t wait for iMake Sam Girlier!
    [p.s. Princess is my real name =])

    • sarcastictealeaves said,

      To Princess,

      Yes, iMake Sam Girlier/iMake Sam Girly/iGirlify Sam (seriously, how many times are they going to change the title on us XD) CAN’T WAIT! Only a little ways to go! 😀 Hopefully by this weekend we’ll start seeing previews for the episode. 🙂

  8. We Get Caught Up « The Janeedian Nation said,

    […] Seddie Contest! […]

  9. Princess (aka: azn_zutarian) said,

    The promo for iMake Sam Girlier is up now (bad quality though)

    Looks like Carly puts Sam on a mock date/ettiquette training in the beginning…with Freddie…*squee*

  10. Princess (aka: azn_zutarian) said,

    Oops, ignore my comment. I saw the update. XD

    • sarcastictealeaves said,

      It’s cool with us =^_^= It was sweet of you to share it with us! 🙂

      Rock on Fellow Seddier!

  11. iShip: Seddie Buttons « The Janeedian Nation said,

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