Freddie’s Blog: Secret Seddie?

March 28, 2009 at 4:09 am (iCarly, Seddie)

I know there has been a numerous amount of times where Freddie has mentioned Sam in his blog and visa versa. So I was on the boards when I read a post in the Seddie forum from giadolphin9965 saying to check out Freddie’s blog. Thank You giadolphin9965! You made our night! 😀

The blog is about how his PearPhone changes his texts because it thinks he misspelled them! Lets see what one of those mishaps was, shall we:

Message I Wanted to Send to Sam:
“I loathe you!”
Message My PearPhone ACTUALLY Sent:
“I love you.”
Aftermath: Sam responded back: “I hate you with every inch of my being. Lose my number, jerk-face.”

To read Freddie’s full blog go here:

You can’t tell me that wasn’t awesome! 😀 Also if you move forward in the blog you will notice that his interest for Carly might slowly be dying down as there is this cute girl in his history class.. *wonders* Yes, I know that’s not Seddie but it’s a step away from Creddie. 😉

As always Thank You for the feedback and comments =^_^= You guys rock! We hope to have a new video for you guys soon! Remember the Seddie Contest is still on! We hope you’ll participate! Rock on Fellow Seddiers!



  1. Elizabeth said,

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! iCarly Won Fave Show! YA! I voted like 10 times! Whoa! That is all.

    PS Sorry, Spazzy

    • sarcastictealeaves said,

      YAY! It was so awesome! I’m so happy! 😀 I voted too!

      =^_^= No need to apologize, LaneTea and I embrace spazzy (it’s what we are about seventy-five percent of the time anyway). It is awesome!
      Rock on Fellow Seddier!

  2. Elizabeth said,

    Oh ya also The blog thing is fanasticly wonderfully Cool!

  3. Elizabeth said,

    Hi, I didn’t know were else to put this post, but anyway, so i was looking on youtube, and came across this It will explain itself. It’s Nathan and Jennette and Nathan Says the title of the 2nd season closer! So Watch it Yall!

  4. Eyeswideshut said,

    Hey, this really doesn’t have to do with the less-Creddie (yay!) fun-ily Seddie blog, but I’ve noticed something on’s latest “Hey, hey, hey, hey! What am I licking?” (A man’s hat edition) segment. Is it just me or at about a quarter of the way through, does Sam call Freddie “baby”, or is that something else? Cuz it REALLY sounds like baby to me, and isn’t just calling Freddie infant-like. Haha, anywho, just thought ya’ll might appreciate this (hopefully) Seddie hint!
    Btw, I don’t have a Youtube account….but on that video where you used “techniological romance” from TGS I almost died!! Haha, y’all are hilarious!

    • sarcastictealeaves said,

      Oh yes! I heard that too! 😀 Wasn’t it just awesome?! And I agree, it did sound flirty.

      YAY! I’m glad you got the reference! AWESOMENESS! *dances*

      Thank You so much for the comment =^_^=
      Rock on Fellow Seddier! 😀

  5. Seddie101 said,

    Calling all SEDDIE lovers—

    sign the SEDDIE PETITION below by accessing the link.



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