Updates: In the Seddie World and Our World

May 30, 2009 at 6:46 pm (iCarly, Seddie)

Summer time is coming, and with that comes a little change. For those of you who may not be aware, LaneTea is leaving for ten weeks! That’s right, come Monday SarcasticLeaves will be running this stand alone (for the most part). This does not mean the videos will stop. The videos will continue. We even might have a special guest host from time to time. 😀 She’s awesome.

A lot of you have been asking when we’ll speculate the episode “iThink They Kissed”. We WILL be doing a speculation on the episode “iThink They Kissed”! LaneTea and I plan to do that one before she leaves. HOWEVER, the video itself will not be posted til this summer around late June or early to mid July.. unless of course the episode is actually airing.

Also this Summer stay tuned for a speculation that is probably 110% off all the way! That’s right, we don’t think we got anything even remotely correct. iSpeed Date: Seddie Edition!


Also for those of you who are curious about our current video. We DO plan on doing more.. Sadly, we are not sure when the next video will be with LaneTea leaving for the summer. But we do promise you we WILL continue it in August or September for those who enjoyed the first one. 😀

To see the video go here:


Also don’t forget to vote in the latest iCarly poll:

Sam Asks: Who should date? and take a look at one of the choices! 😀


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  • Don’t forget to check out the winners for The Seddie Contest!!!

See entry: https://sarcastictealeaves.wordpress.com/2009/05/17/seddie-contest-winners/

Winners, don’t forget to contact SarcasticLeaves at frenchcanadianwine@yahoo.com about your prizes!

  • Seddie in Seattle by SkyeNite (ends May 31st)

Further details here: http://skyenite.livejournal.com/806.html

Thank You all for your support! You’re awesome! ROCK ON MIGHTY SEDDIE WARRIORS! ROCK ON!!


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Breaking News: Freddie Cares About Sam!! :-D

May 17, 2009 at 5:49 am (iCarly, Seddie)

We knew it all along really.. Freddie cares about Sam!!! ZOMG!! When you watch the video (we’re working on as fast as we can), I was such a spazz! Poor LaneTea!!! But I can’t help it, I LOVED IT! LaneTea did too! Fangirl screaming all the way!!! It was a shame we had to keep it down…

But seriously, SO MUCH DEVELOPMENT BETWEEN SAM AND FREDDIE!!! You know you saw it! Their friendship is growing stronger.. soon to turn into something more we hope. *squee*

Just a few highlights:

  • Once again, Freddie abuse<3! You’ve gotta love it!
  • Sam and Freddie banter in the beginning was EPIC!!!
  • When Sam was sick she told Freddie that Missy was out to get her, while hacking in his face.. XD
  • Freddie’s concern when Sam was sick<3 (Come on! It was all over his face.)
  • Freddie was trying so hard to find reasons not to care, but he failed! Yay! 😀
  • Sam coming to Freddie for help!!
  • Freddie GIVING UP his trip to get rid of Missy FOR SAM!!!
  • Freddie being secretive about his selfless act, NOT holding it over Sam.. NOT EVEN TELLING SAM (OR CARLY)!!!
  • Carly being giddy about Freddie caring about Sam.
  • Freddie did not deny that he cared Sam, but he didn’t directly say it either. (You know you love her Freddie! :D)

We know there is more Seddie.. so don’t be afraid to comment and tell us what you saw! We want to hear it all!!! 😀

Thank You so much for everything. You’re all so very awesome!!! As always ROCK ON MIGHT SEDDIE WARRIORS!!!


  • Don’t forget to check out the winners for The Seddie Contest!!!

See our previous entry: https://sarcastictealeaves.wordpress.com/2009/05/17/seddie-contest-winners/

  • Seddie in Seattle by SkyeNite

Further details here: http://skyenite.livejournal.com/806.html

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Seddie Contest Winners!!

May 17, 2009 at 2:28 am (iCarly, Seddie)


Second Place: “iCarly: Home is… That Way” by twilightthemis

Winner: “Seddie” by Caxsry14

Fan Vid:

Second Place: “My Life Would Suck Without You” by socontagious1910

Winner: “Tangled Up In Sam.” by CrystalJupiter


Second Place:“iArgue… Sorta” by SkyeNite

Winner: “iWake Up Freddie” by xPamRose

To see all the amazing contest entries go here!! 😀


Congratulations to all the winners! And Thank You all who participated! You’re AWESOME!!!

Winners, please contact SacasticLeaves at frenchcanadianwine@yahoo.com about your prize(s).

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Seddie Contest Extended

May 6, 2009 at 3:37 am (iCarly, Seddie)

So technically the contest entries were due tomorrow May 6th. However, LaneTea and I would like to give people a few more days to submit their entries.. so now the contest has been extended til May 9th!

Further details on the contest go here: https://sarcastictealeaves.wordpress.com/2009/03/22/seddie-contest/

Also don’t forget to check out the entries page: https://sarcastictealeaves.wordpress.com/2009/04/12/contest-entries/ (Remember, if you don’t see your entries here to please tell us. We want to make sure we receive all entries for the contest!)

May 9th all entries are due! May 16th we’ll announce the winners! 😀

With that said, we’d like to thank everyone who has partisipated in the contest so far! THANK YOU SO MUCH! 😀 We’re so excited to see all the entries! We do understand due to the time of the year with the end of the school year it’s probably hard for a lot of people time wise. But we assure you we’ll have a contest in the future! 😀 Hopefully we’ll have better timing as well so more people will have a chance to enter.


  • Seddie in Seattle by SkyeNite

Further details here: http://skyenite.livejournal.com/806.html


iDate a Bad Boy (iGet Caught) May 9th (HOUR LONG EPISODE!)

iReunite with Missy May 16th

Thank You all for your support! We couldn’t do any of this without you! ROCK ON MIGHTY SEDDIE WARRIORS!!! 😀

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