People Magazine: iCarly SPECIAL!!!

September 10, 2009 at 10:28 pm (iCarly, Seddie)

Both Nathan and Dan tweeted about the new iCarly Edition of People Magazine. According to Dan this Magazine is dedicated 100 percent to iCarly!! 😀 You can purchase it tomorrow!!


Photo provided by DanWarp 🙂

Remember iThink They Kissed airs THIS SATURDAY!! Also don’t forget the Seddie OVERLOAD on Twitter, 7-8pm eastern time/4-5pm pacific. 😀

For more information on the Seddie Overload check out these videos!! 😀

Operation Seddie Overload #2 by Seddieshipper

Seddie Overload and I Got Tagged by SkyeNite

Seddietember Operation Seddie Overload 😀 by Seddiemania

It’s Seddietember!! (Important Links in Description) by LaneTea and SarcasticLeaves


Special thanks to cheerdolly for posting this and to Slicknickshady thank you for all your helpful information and links, YOU BOTH ROCK!!

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