Secret Seddie: iFind Lewbert’s Lost Love

November 15, 2009 at 2:17 am (iCarly, Seddie)

This has to be the best filler episode of season 3 yet! Who doesn’t love Lewbert?! Even if you don’t love him, you love to hate him.. he’s that awesome! And Chuck returns once again!! 😀 While there wasn’t much Seddie in this episode there were a few fun little things to point out concerning Sam and Freddie.

Secret Seddie

  • Sam carried Freddie out the door. Spencer walks in, “You kids have fun!” (further proof that Spencer may be a Secret Seddie shipper?)

  • Apparently Freddie and Sam are more interested in “Deeply Personal Items” then Carly. 😉 You can’t tell us that it wasn’t cute how they seemed to enjoy going through someones personal items together.

  • Sam hits Freddie in the head! (WIN! :-D)

Please, don’t forget to tell us what YOU think. :-D Did you see more Secret Seddie than we did? Please tell us!! :-D

Also we’d like to Thank You all so much for your support in everything!! You guys ROCK!! :-D We love you!! And don’t worry, there WILL be a video this month! WE PROMISE!!

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  1. Nicole Farzanfar said,

    Remember, for some reason Dan didn’t have Carly go with Sam, but Freddie. Hmmm… I smell a loophope 😀

  2. Natalie and Angu said,

    OMG.! when they looked at the love video Freddie was basically RIGHT on top of Sam and nowhere NEAR Carly…hmmm…suspicious much.?????

  3. superclutz13 said,

    I LOVED this episode! i loved the sam carrying freddie!
    i think that it’s interesting how involved, freddie is becoming in sam’s life. like in the first couple of seasons, when she’d say something he really didn’t have a response cuz he didn’t know her that well. but now it’s like, she’ll say something and he’ll respond with something about her personal life. i think it’s cool cuz it means that he’s getting to know her alot more.

    ALSO, i made a review. my youtube is superclutz13, check it out and tell me what you think cuz i’ll super duper nervous! please check it out cuz i super value your opinions and you guys can tell me whether or not i should continue making reviews!

    please make a vid for imove out, yah gotta, please

  4. Sara said,

    HEY!! I just finished watching the episode because I taped it and I rewound that baby about a million times. One of my favorite episodes EVER!!
    Soooo much cute Seddie moments! And Chuck was on fire this episode!
    Favorite Line–“Now go, the sight of you makes me SICK!”
    No wait, “They’re in Wis-con-sin.” LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

    Plus, don’t forget the way Sam looked when she “framed” Freddie!! That cute I “hate” you smile. Sam called Freddie “Fredpus” and Sam forcefully took Freddie with her!! She wants Freddie to help her, he’s her choosen partner. (I know you kinda said the last one, but not in the same way).


  5. andrea craig said,

    heyy u left out THE BIGGEST SEDDIE PART where carly,sam and freddie r watching the lewbert cam and sam looks right at freddie and smiles and he sits right next to her and away from carlyy!!!

  6. Courtney said,

    Sam could have picked up Carly and brought her with her instead if she wanted to but she picked Freddie. hahaha

  7. ValerieDing said,

    Either you changed the look, or WordPress has an awesome new compatability mode with mobile. Amazing.

  8. Rholiza said,

    I think the part when they decided to watch Lewbert and the beast with their hidden camera, then freddie lunges to the couch almost bumping sam , I think that scene was really cute. and how close they were to each other…
    but my fave part is when they were looking at Lewberts “Deeply Personal Things”, how they look at each other then simultaneously say “awww….” haha They look so cute and adorable! 🙂

  9. Sara said,

    This was one of my favorite episodes ever!!
    There were soooo many cute Seddie moments….
    Don’t forget that Sam called Freddie “Fredpus”, that when Freddie slammed into his bean bag he sat closer to Sam, and the cute look Sam had on her face after she “framed” Freddie!!! 😀 I just love that Sam forcefully took Freddie with her to be her partner! He is the choosen one! LOL.

    On a side note–Chuck was on fire in this episode!!
    Favorite lines—- “No go, You make me sick!”
    “While they’re in Wisconsin…” He is such a great actor!!!


  10. PublicEnemyFrog said,

    Another Seddie moment (sorta) was when they pulled the beanbags over to watch Lewbert on a hidden cam, Freddie leaning over towards Sam. And I think he accidentally touched her when he first plopped down….

  11. emmybm15 said,

    promise is a really big word i hope you stick to your promise whitsh you probaly whill

  12. Sam said,

    “Wow. Sam and Freddie, hanging out together on bean bags, looking at things, having a fun time together? Hmmm. Once again: HMMMM….”

    Right from Dan’s fun facts. :] Either he’s a rooting for them…or likes messing with us.=P

    I’ll take it either way.

  13. Meg said,

    LOVED IT!!! There were actually moments where Lewbert’s voice was somewhat tolerable! AND CHUCK! He and Spencer make quite a cute pair when they’re on the same side. (Remind you of anyone else?…. ;))

    This episode had some pretty cool “real” seddie, but was positively oozing with SECRET SEDDIE!!

    My favorite(s):

    Sam and Freddie looking through Lewbert’s Deeply Personal Items together. Like you guys said, gotta love it.


    When Freddie plops down on the bean bag chair and ends up leaning pretty dang close to Sam! HUZZAH! I adore physical proof that they no longer find each other repulsive (despite what they may say!)

    This Episode=EPIC WIN!!

  14. addicted2seddie said,


    ALWAYS, addicted2seddie

    P.S. nov. 28th is imove out, started there til the end of icarly, i will b doing reviews and speculations! PROMISE! im excited. cant wait 2 finally b like u gals!!!!

  15. kels said,

    oh you forgot the part where sam looks at freddie after saying “ok ok hold on to your sauce”

    that was soooo cute!!!

  16. superclutz13 said,

    when carly and freddie have their little fantasy of a normal lewbert, and sam says
    “i doubt that baloons would actually fall from the sky”
    i think that she was alittle bitter or jealous cuz they didn’t mention her in the fantasy and she’s there like more than they are, or maybe it;s just cuz it was only carly and freddie.

  17. Sophie/Violet said,

    The look that Sam gave Freddie when she said, ” Hold Your Sauce ” was ABSOLUTE SEDDIE!!! MUHUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Rock On Mighty Seddie Warriors!!!!!!!!

  18. Maia said,

    I went to Dan’s blog and every time there was Seddie in his funfacts he would write Hmmm….:) Does that mean something?!? Yes!! Okay well, Sam wanted to bring freddie and go by herself so he could be left with carly and during the cupcake scene Freddie smiled at sam and she smiled back(Its hard 2 see but its their)

  19. PrincessSeddie said,

    When Sam And Freddie were going AWWW at the photos of Lubert i saw a vision of the future.
    The vision is that when there married and they have a daughter and shes 8 years old and its bithday they look at her baby photos and they go AWWW LOOK Theres lil emily when she was one…AWWW
    Thats my vison XD

  20. superclutz13 said,

    OMG THANK YOU SO Much for including me in your blog! everyones been SO awesome and i am amazed! Thanx! can’t wait till iMove out, it’s gonna be EPIC!!!!

  21. emmybm15 said,

    sorry 4 the caps but please go to ICARLY.COM

    • Princess (aka: azn_zutarian) said,

      Yeah, it’s a must-see SarcasticLeaves! George the Bra is a Seddier!!!
      “I would NEVER date Sam Puckett and she’d NEVER date me.”
      “NEVER is a strong word.” ❤

      I really like how neko12 on the Seddie boards analyzed it:
      "And also, adding that last bit is a consideration to Sam. Because if he just says that "I would never date Sam", it doesn't sound very good. But by adding that she wouldn't date him, it's assurance that the feeling is mutual and doesn't just make it sound like he just doesn't like Sam."

      It totally reinforces Dan's comment on how Sam and Freddie continue with their little game b/c either is afraid of what would surface if they were to stop.

      • emmybm15 said,

        thank you very mutch 4 replying 2 me i thort no one would reply me and the great thing is SarcasticLeaves and lanetea whent 2 and saw the video

  22. superclutz13 said,

    and even if spencer is a secret seddie shipper, you gotta admit that he has the WORST timing! like in iThink they kissed, when she asked them if they liked the kiss, and now with this george the bra thing. Seddie would probably be celibrating some kind of month anniversary by now if sam and freddie just let their minds think without any interuption

  23. seddie4eva said,

    what about the part when sam blames the spilled golf balls on freddie???? that is such a seddie moment.

  24. holly said,

    hey you know there is a change,
    in the 1st season of icarly freddie was acting all “cool” to impress sam.
    around season 2 sam kept on touching freddie (and they kissed in ikiss!)
    around season 3, freddie and sam both like each other, have cute little moments, and are kind of getting along better. (especially in icook.)

  25. holly said,


  26. Pigquet said,

    I just adore them looking at eachother saying “Awwwwwww” at the same time together, at the picture. LOL! I squealed so much at that scene, the night it premiered!

    Also, its pretty awesome that it was (most likely) only 10 or so minutes later that they were up in the studio looking at the pictures, after Sam had just gotten Freddie in trouble with Lewbert about the golf balls. Another example that he does not stay mad at her that long if at all, anymore. 😀

  27. Pigquet said,

    @superclutz13–Yeah, Spencer just has bad luck all around, lol. But, I personally love that they left iThink They Kissed and the end of the bra video on epic cliffhangers. *shrugs* Doesn’t mean those questions will never be answered eventually…

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