Secret Seddie: iMove Out

November 29, 2009 at 1:47 am (iCarly, Seddie)

iMove Out while very disturbing in some areas was very funny. 😀 LaneTea and I particularly enjoyed the overuse of the face jokes, especially “Your face.”

While there wasn’t much Seddie there were still a few moments that shows that Freddie and Sam are becoming yet even closer as friends. It even seems as though Sam is rubbing off on Freddie a bit with her deviousness. 😉

Secret Seddie:

  • Sam takes camera from Freddie when his mom walks in.

Freddie: “Don’t shoot this!”
Sam: “Sorry, I can’t hear you over this embarrassment.”

  • Sam shows Freddie and Carly her big hunk of cash, Freddie asks Sam how much.

Sam: “Guess?!” *slaps his face with the money*
Freddie: “Three fifty?”
Sam: “Three sixty.”

(Okay, wait a second.. Freddie is happy to be slapped by Sam? Say what?!)

  • Sam wants to see Freddie’s baby pictures. (Of course, we saw that in the promo.)

  • Freddie timed Sam picking the lock to the pet studio. (Impressed with her mad skills we see? ;))

  • Freddie was wanting to vandalize the pet studio with Sam!! (Funny to think this was the same Freddie who would always stand on Carly’s side in situations such as this.)

BTW.. Look familiar?:

Please, don’t forget to tell us what YOU think. :-D Did you see more Secret Seddie than we did? Please tell us!! :-D

Also we’d like to Thank You all so much for your support in everything!! You guys ROCK!! :-D We love you!!

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  1. Nicole Farzanfar said,

    I’m doing a review with my friend, Sarah, so you can see our theories later 🙂

  2. Kaylee said,

    OMG! I really liked this episode! I agree completely with all the things you’ve said above but I don’t understand why Dan filmed Sam/Freddie- WoW, i mean it doesn’t really fit in with the episode.


    P.S. Did you love the new promos for iQuit iCarly???? My favorite was:

    ~Sam and Carly are fighting over Freddie in the school hallway by their lockers~
    Sam- We should both have the same right to Freddie!
    Carly- But he LOVES ME!
    ~Sam and Freddie stare away awkwardly~
    Freddie- (Staring at his wrist and in a high voice) Oh look! There’s a freckle on my wrist!


  3. Kelly said,

    Did anybody see how excited Freddie was when he got that hammer? Yes, Sam is definitely rubbing off on our dear Freddie. (And I love it!)

  4. Sophie/Violet said,

    YEAH! I loved it when she slapped him with the money! Lol. Great Times…

  5. Liz said,

    Loved this episode. Like the little secret Seddies, too. But the thing that intrigues me the most is, at those guy’s funky pet photography place, Carly is wussing out, and Freddie is all like vandilisum is no big deal. Then Sam is all like, “What would you know about vandiusum?” Then those guys come back so he never anwsers. If you wanna be Tencnical this is Seddie, but I find it interesting, just wondering what you guys think.

  6. superclutz13 said,

    this episode was great! i liked it alot, and though there wasn’t much seddie, the seddie that wAS there could be important for the future.
    u guys rock!

  7. Whydoesitmatter44 said,

    It was a great episode but my favorite part was the promos for iQuit iCarly they showed on the ads, the one where sam and carly are fighting over freddie- wonder who he’ll pick??? Remember when Dan put up that random script on his twitter (i think it was twitter) then took it off quickly? it was something about Freddie telling Carly he dosen’t love her anymore… Maybe this is the episode!!! it look pretty good, can’t wait! YA overall it was not much seddie-filled but it was still funny!

  8. Maia said,

    kay this episode was sooo cute but my hopes were crushed. Like the night b4 there was the Freedie and the brsa thing and b4 i moveout they playe: ikiss, ithink they kissed, ispeeddate so they kinda lead us on u know? well i think iquit icarly will be a MAJOR movie i agree with whydoesitamtter44 this might be it!! Can’t wait 4 next sat.!

  9. Pigquet said,

    Okay, my favorite part of the episode (I’ve literally watched it probably 200 times, lol) is the part where Mrs. Benson vacums Freddie’s ear while he sleeps, and it tickles him until he wakes up. I don’t know why, Freddie’s just adorable there. But, I know that’s not Seddie, so moving on!

    Secret Seddie…

    -Freddie did NOT get mad at Sam for taking the camera. I mean, sure, he fought with her about it a LITTLE bit, but then just accepted it, and did not get mad or bring it up later. At least, as far as we know.

    -Freddie instantly wants to go along with Sam’s idea about the pet photography business! He would have been more hesitant in the past, but I swear, she’s rubbing off on him. If there was ever an episode to prove how much, its this one.

    -The money slap…it was just like their own little code, ya know? Slap Freddie with a wad of money and he can actually take a good guess at how much. LOL He didn’t mind at all, and got kinda excited after she told him the right amount, and just laughed and pointed at her so much like a friend.
    And, when Carly asks if they’re gonna do it he goes “Why not??!” Ha!

    -Sam looking at Freddie’s baby photos of course. I mean, WHAT did they look like? LOL. I want to know! And, again, he doesn’t get mad at her. Wow. He’s embarrassed and wants her to stop, but he doesn’t get mad at her personally.

    -When Sam says to the petographers “Things got ugly when you walked in the room” Freddie smirked and crossed his arms like he was proud of her and thinking “Oh yeah…don’t mess with her.” Love those looks.

    -I am I the only one who thought Sam looked VERY interested when Freddie said the works “…in my new apartment”?

    -“This is where you live?” Not good enough for him! Haha.

    -“There’s a sink.” Wow. Ummm…yeah, just wow, Freddie. Sam’s reaction, lol. I know, Carly had the same one, but where’s the fun in that? J/K

    -Sarcasm towards Freddie, and he doesn’t get annoyed. I could say that on so many things…

    -When Mrs. Benson blames Carly, I think Sam’s thinking “Oh, this is so annoying! I mean, you’re bringing it up again? He hasn’t mentioned it in forever, and now other people always have to.” Haha, or not, but I like to think it.

    -He was SO proud of her breaking in so quickly. I bet that’s something they do together. They break into places and he times her, and she has a record, haha.

    -She gave Freddie a HAMMER. ‘Nuff said. J/K
    But, still, a MAN’S tool! And, he was so excited. Now, Freddie will never be JUST like Sam, and he’ll always be a good kid, but I like Sam giving him an edge. Its awesome!

    -He was worried about her when she hadn’t come back. Him and Carly were looking for her together, and he was concerned and where she’d been.

    -“How great am I?” Freddie thought “Genius!” Hehe. Even better than vandalism!

    SUCH a Seddie filled episode, even if it was mostly fun/secret/fun stuff. Random, but awesome. One of the best of the season in my opinion! Whoo!

    BTW, The guys were far too obsessed with that stupid cat, XD. Poor Spencer.

  10. brad said,

    haha, the Money slap is my all time favorite Seddie moment of all time! haha
    Just found your website the other day, its totally awesome.
    im still kinda half seddie half creddie, but i realize i only look up/notice seddie stuff on the episodes and online. haha, so maybe im like 70% seddie and 30% creddie.

    is that possible? 😮

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