Secret Seddie: iQuit iCarly

December 6, 2009 at 2:51 am (iCarly, Seddie)

We can’t say there was really much Seddie, nevertheless the episode was all around enjoyable. So for this blog we will have TWO lists. πŸ™‚

There might be some of you wondering why we’re not making a video to cover this. Personally we fell that we pretty much covered most of what we wanted to say with our rant earlier this week. Please feel free to give us your outlook on things. πŸ™‚ Also keep in mind that this video was done BEFORE we saw the episode.. so some things might be a little off, but I think the general idea still remains.

Secret Seddie (more like Fun Seddie in this case):

  • We know this is rather silly but.. Sam, Carly, Flick, and Dave. PURPLE!! πŸ˜€

  • Sam and Freddie play games.

“How can you just stand there and play with Freddie?”

  • Sam slaps Freddie not once, but TWICE!!

Okay, seriously.. what up with all the slapping lately? Maybe ask Dan?

  • New Freddie nickname: Diphead [insert classic Freddie eye roll here]

  • We can see that Sam at least values Freddie as a friend. After all, she wants his help too.

  • “You can’t just take Freddie whenever you want him!”

  • Freddie gave both Dave and Flick wet willys.. learn much from Sam?

  • Sam is sarcastic to Freddie even in life threatening danger.

“Sam be careful!’

“Thanks for the tip!”

  • Please note that Freddie is the one to carry Sam in. (Yes, yes we know.. but this is after all SECRET Seddie, in other words fun stuff. πŸ˜€ )

All Around Fun Stuff:

  • Gibby throws spoons!! πŸ˜€

  • What exactly is Dan’s obsession with Fresno?

  • Freddie helps out Spencer.

“Is that a birthmark on your butt?”

“Don’t look at me!!”

  • Spencer and Gibby were EPIC!! Do we need to say more?

  • We see that Carly can in fact get violent with Freddie.. (Ironically Freddie seemed more scared of her then Sam, maybe not use to it?)

  • Freddie is actually the one considerate enough to ask the old lady if she’s alright and she HITS him?!

  • Pirates!!

  • Freddie’s random Spanish, always a win.

  • Freddie cries because he misses Sam and Carly’s friendship.

  • Carly and Sam cry and make up.. and hug. Fleck and Dave do the same.. Spencer and Freddie decide to join in the hug fest as well. Awww…

Please, don’t forget to tell us what YOU think. :-D Did you see more Secret Seddie than we did? Please tell us!! :-D

As always we’d like to Thank You all so much for your support in everything!! You guys ROCK!! :-D We love you!!

And don’t forget if you want to see more video reviews check out SeddieMania’s YouTube Channels for more iCarly/Seddie Goodness!!

Also please welcome a new reviewer! Please check out SuperClutz13’s review on YouTube!! She’s awesome!!




  1. Courtney said,

    I think Freddie has a secret gay crush on Spencer also.
    He checked him out while he was naked in the shower, haha
    and he wanted a hug from him at the end.
    Spencer/Freddie FTW hahahaha πŸ˜€

  2. Jenny said,

    I noticed that after Freddie pulled Sam inside (<3), she collapsed against the wall and then they looked like they were going to move towards each other again when Spencer came and hugged them. I'm probably reading too much into it, but I don't care. πŸ˜›
    And I also thought it was cute when he said, "That was too close." and Sam replied, "No chiz!"

    It was adorable when Spencer hugged them both, it kinda showed how Sam is very much like a little sister to him, too. And when they started crying and .. ah this episode was just filled with so much cuteness!

  3. superclutz13 said,

    i LOVED the ep.! i forgot some of the stuff that you guys said, please do a review SOON, i miss them. please check out my review. Bye!

  4. Vivian said,

    I just watched iQuit iCarly!
    it was awesome!
    I was sort of depressed by the lack of seddie moments though.
    I did lovvveee how freddie pulled sam in, that was so heroic of freddie! haha xD

  5. ValerieDing said,

    Aw jeez, just perfect. I missed the episode today because of a study session with my roommate. I need someone to upload iQuit iCarly to YouTube in its entirety, via TiVo or Camcorder. Otherwise, I’m dumb on everything discussed here. Thanks.

  6. ValerieDing said,

    You know, I just visited and it says they’ll have iQuit iCarly on the site tomorrow. Lucky for me. Thanks anyway.

    • Sam said,

      Actually, I think it might be playing again today…

  7. Sam said,

    This episode was awesome!!! At the end I cried a little when Carly and Sam huggged (happy crying) and then started laughing when Dave and Fleck did the same and then just doing both. Definitely my favorite episode to date. I think I was so impacted I had a dream about Miranda, Jennette, and Nathan. …Woah, I have weird dreams…

  8. Grace said,

    oh man, i loved it when freddie pulled sam in, lol

    im worried for i saved your life though

  9. emmybm15 said,

    i looooooved this episode

  10. kk said,

    another thing…freddie defends sam in the groovie smoothie, but of course, carly gets all mad. :/

  11. HayleyBayley said,

    I don’t know if you gals *chuckles* noticed this and maybe I’m just looking at it too much, but when Sam was upside down saying “Situation! situation!”, directly after that when it show the guys up in the window, I could distinctly hear that Freddie yelling for Sam was FOR SURE the loudest out of all the guys <3.

    Freddie may say that Sam and him aren't friend, like in ireunite with missy, but I think we all know he cares a whole LOT about her!

    Freddie's "Sam, be careful!" made me EEEP soooo loud! So oober-cute <33333!!!!!!!

  12. Colleen said,

    I noticed when Sam started falling, Freddie screamed,”Sam!” louder than he did when he told Carly to hang on. He also looked extremely terrified when she fell. This made me happy. Also, when Freddie cried, Sam actually felt bad. =) YAY FOR SEDDIE!

  13. Maia said,

    Kay so i of course loved the window thing and after he let go of her he kept his hands out ready to catch her which seemed like he didnt mind helping her πŸ™‚ and Sam cried in front of Freddie basically thats the first time ever!! Im worried about iSave your life and i know theyll prbly kiss but think about it: If sam walked in on them, kissing her feelings will go crazy. Carly seems to hate seddie though unlike b4 when they hugged she would smile now she like turns into crazy person. and think about this! What if Freddie pulled away from the kiss or the love accusation thing shows up. we whould be stoked because this is the beginning of the end of Freddie’s crush πŸ™‚

  14. Addie said,

    I am not – nor have i ever been – a “Seddie Warior” as you guys call it (Major Creddier, here). lol but i still love reading you guys’ blogs and listening to your videos(???). and yes, there was more seddie than creddie in this one than in iMove out… (the creddie moment in iMove out being when Freddie was showing them his new apartment, the elevator thing started and Carly like, latched on to freddie holding on a few more seconds than nessescary, than trying to
    play it off like it didnt even happen) I hate to admit this, but i think in the end it will be Seddie. Well, when the show ends i dont think there anybody will be together, together, but i think it will be more on the Seddie side. Although, i am kind of anxious/excited/nervous/scared for iSaved your life… I think that will probably be Creddie, cause Carly might realize her TRUE feelings for Freddie… Then there will be a Creddie kiss and Freddie might not feel what he used to and Sam will walk in and go all crazy (aka jealous) and than… Possible Seddie…

    gosh that was painful to type…

    But i am still hoping for Creddie in the end…

    just sayin…

    dont hate on me, pwease =} <<<<<<<<<<
    come on, how could you hate on that face???

    • superclutz13 said,

      WOW! addie you are AWESOME! seddiers always admit that there will be creddie, but i can’t recall any creddiers that admit to seddie. and alot of the creddiers like creddie, so they say it’ll happen. but you’re a creddier that looks at the relationships as is, you’re not letting you’re like of creddie minipulate anything you’re saying. ur cool!

      • Addie said,

        Thanks =] You know, it seems like a lot of the Creddiers can get pretty defensive and start saying some pretty hateful things to Seddie shippers, and I think that the wrong way to represent Creddie fans, so somebody has to be at least a little bit rational. Besides, how would Dan Schneider react if he read comments of Creddie/Seddie shippers saying things like “Creddie Sucks!” or “Seddie Sucks” etc. It might effect his decision of who he may or may not put together. Somebody has to represent for each shipping, you know? I respect you Seddie shippers, you guys are pretty awesome and not to mention funny. And if Seddie does happen, I’ll be content. Sure, maybe a little dissapointed but I won’t start screaming at you Seddiers. lol
        sorry about the long rant… I’m done now…




      • seddie4eva said,

        haha thats totally true!!! kudos 2 u πŸ™‚

  15. Enutuasty said,

    Wow, I didn’t know about that till now. Cheers!

  16. Jillian said,

    Not to be hatin or anything Addie πŸ™‚ haha but Creddie is way too predictable. As for this episode, though there wasn’t much tangible Seddie moments, there was a lot of secret Seddie that kept me entertained throughout the episode. Off relationship topics, I’m glad Carly and Sam we’re able to get their feelings out about each other and forgive each other in the end. I love the scene in the hallway when Freddie starts crying. I completely expected Sam to make some kind of mocking comment like: “wimp!” or something, but instead she felt bad and accused Carly! I thought I’d never see a day when Sam accuses Carly of being mean to Freddie (or anyone really) I’m anxious to see what will happen in iSave Your Life, although its pretty spelled out in the VERY short promo that it will be filled with Creddie. What I’m really excited for is Sam’s reaction to all of this. Maybe how it was in iWin a Date/iSpeed Date (at the end) where she was kind of depressed at Freddie’s “affections” toward Carly. Well whatever happens, Seddie will prevail!! ROCK ON MIGHTY SEDDIE WARRIORS!! “At least I don’t have I Heart Las Vegas written across the BUTT!” Sorry had to quote:) love your reviews!!! Team Sarcasticleaves!! (and LaneTea too!!)

    • Addie said,

      Psh, what hate? Creddie is pretty predictable, which is why I think it will end up being Seddie in the end… Or maybe on like, the last episode, Freddie will finally get The girl of his dreams… Carly… Yah never know with Dan. He can be pretty unpredictable.

  17. superclutz13 said,

    i also noticed that he seemed alittle more freaked out when sam was falling! and when he pulled her in he kept his hands out like she was gonna fall. and when he yelled “THAT WAS TOO CLOSE” (or something like that) he looked at sam when he said it, not carly, i think he was more concerned with sam in the entire situation!

    oh, and remember the fact that dan puts EVERYTHING in for a reason, so you know that there was a reason that he had freddie pull sam in, you just know it!

  18. lize said,

    Omigosh! I just got a Tiger Beat. So I was looking thought it, I turned to One page that has the title, “Carly and Freddie Kiss!” Which got a WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! From me. I was freaked, espacially when I read this in the artical, “Oppisites do attracked!’ Nathan hints. Miradna Can see them dating, “They have such a great friendship. ” But the heading was Oppisties attract, so WTH. Thats Sam and Freddie PEOPLE. However there is a pic that looks like someone walked in on them, SAM! IDK!

  19. CC said,

    Every1 keeps 4getting my fav. part of the ENTIRE MOVIE:
    Carly: Whoever you choose, I won’t love you any less.
    Sam: And I won’t hate you anymore
    I have no idea why that makes me laugh SO HARD whenever I hear it, it’s just so funny! There is always 1 (sometimes 2) line in every season that can have nothing to do with either ships (or could be creddie) and I’d laugh out loud everytime I hear it.
    Srry this was so long,

  20. Kittac said,

    Did anyone notice that all the guy where freaking out way more when Sam was about to fall!?

  21. kelseighrox925 said,

    I liked this episode, and I applaud Addie’s comment. She has given me new respect for Creddiers. I loved that Freddie freaked more for Sam than he did Carly.

    • Addie said,

      Thanks! I appreciate your recognition of my awesomeness… lol Just kidding.
      And I actually don’t think Freddie screamed louder for Sam. I have listened to it a couple times over and i think he screams louder for Carly… Or maybe I’m just in denial… Lol I have it on iTunes so I’m going to listen to those two parts (again) and compare them to see who Freddie screamed louder for, cause, hey! It’s my job to over-analyze everything. lol but I’m glad I have given you a new respect for us Creddie Shippers! I’ve always liked you Seddiers! Well, except for the ones who hate on us. But both sides do that, so no biggie.

      Oh and it’s also my job to be long winded. lol sorry. All i originally wanted to say was thanks.




      • seddie4eva said,

        awesome addie πŸ™‚ no problem, anyone who is civil definitely deserves respect bak πŸ™‚ but it is true that the shippers from both sides who are constantly criticizing and hating on the other side are really no fun to be around 😦 it feels way less like a war when everyone can just be civil πŸ™‚ and i tend to ramble all the time too, just ask my friends πŸ™‚ lol so dont feel bad and ya ur awesomeness totally needs to b recognized πŸ˜‰ cya bye πŸ™‚

  22. Katie said,

    When they were playing slap and Carly said to Sam “How can you just stand there and play with Freddie?” they seemed to get really defensive when they said “What?”

    • seddie4eva said,

      lol πŸ˜€

  23. Addie said,

    Ok, SO, I have DirecTV and DirecTV alowws you to -on the guide- skip up to two weeks in the future to like, look at info for shows that are coming on in the future… So a few minutes ago, I skipped to Monday, January 18th 7PM and saw that I could view the episode info on iSaved your life, so the info read: CARLY FALLS IN LOVE WITH FREDDIE WHEN HE SAVES HER LIFE… AHHHH!!!!! And me being a Creddier, I screamed and jumped and carried on, and such but just thought I would let you Seddiers know. Oh, and there will be Spam interaction. Something about paintballs… Lmao, kinky.

    Sorry about my crazy-ness. I’m excited and anxious and nervous. Oh and iSabed your life sadly is not an iCarly Movie… Just your average 30 minute episode…




  24. pacifickay said,

    Well, the synopsis on reads “Freddie saves Carly’s life, and his heroics win her heart.” That doesn’t *quite* mean that Carly is in love with Freddie- if anything, she’s (understandably) taken aback by his efforts to save her and is mistaking that as feelings for him. I stand by the idea that Carly is infatuated with the image of heroic Freddie after this- and in the episode, Freddie will have to decide if that’s really how he wants Carly to like him. Does she like him for him, or does she like him because he almost died? They’re not the same thing….

    (Or, I’m just a hardcore Seddie shipper in denial. But still. LOL).

    Besides, “relationships based on intense situations rarely work out.” Remember Speed and Speed 2, anyone? ;P

    • Addie said,

      Well, I have never seen either ‘Speed’ movies so I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. lol And I don’t really think what you said about the Carly and Freddie Situation is true. (Or maybe I’M just a hardcore Creddie fan in denial. LOL BUT STILL!)

      Here is what the DirecTV info precisely says:
      Carly falls in love with Freddie when her saves her life; Sam and Spencer compete in a Paintball game.

      Yup. I was just sayin that that’s just what my tv is sayin. lol but results may vary.
      So, who knows what’s really going on yet. We shall see.

      But January 18th just seems to be getting further and further away!!!!




  25. Rholiza said,

    Is it me or I have a feeling that Freddie kinda took Sam’s side about the fight, just a little bit though. Because remember the scene that took place at the Grovvy Smoothie where in Carly and Freddie were talking about Carly and Sam’s fight. Freddie suggested that Carly should apologize to Sam…

  26. Liz said,

    Just saw iSYL. I could have gone my whole life without seeing the FIVE creddie kisses. It kinda killed me inside, a little. don’t get me wrong, I still believe that Seddie will come out on top, but iSYL was kinda not nice. I mean mosta the episode was Carly and Freddie making out, and even if it was seddie kissing, I am not sure I would have liked it. I did love the paint ball/assassins thing. That made me laugh. Gibby too. I hope Dan doesn’t get bashed too much, but I must say, not his best episode. Peace.

    • seddie4eva said,

      lol i gagged every time they kissed πŸ˜‰ my friends can attest to that πŸ™‚ lol but i thought it was actually pretty good cuz it was pretty open-ended… it leaves hope for all sides of the relationship war haha πŸ™‚

  27. Meg said,

    Haha! Their are so many comments from both ships saying how Freddie yelled louder for Sam/ for Carly. The way I see it, his two best friends were practically falling to their deaths. I think the worry was pretty even! I think the increase in intensity and volume of his voice is just wishful thinking! ;D Trust me, I know cuz that’s how I felt when I first watched it….XD

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