Secret Seddie: iEnrage Gibby

February 6, 2010 at 2:05 am (iCarly, Seddie) (, , , , , , , )

I’ll admit, not too much Seddie or Secret Seddie in general, but still an amazing episode nevertheless. 🙂 I mean, who doesn’t love Gibby?!! Gibby is AWESOME!!!

Secret Seddie:

  • Not only one but TWO new nicknames Sam gave Freddie!! “Fredalupe” (even he questioned that one) and “Fredwich”. 🙂

  • I don’t know if this is necessarily Secret Seddie but did anyone else find it interesting when Freddie said “I want one of those…” Is it possible that Carly is no longer the apple of Freddie’s eye? Hmmm. What do you think?

Please, don’t forget to tell us what YOU think. :-D Did you see more Secret Seddie than we did? Please tell us!! :-D Also feel free to tell us what your favorite part of the episode was. There are so many awesome things I can’t even begin to name them off.

As always we’d like to Thank You all so much for your support in everything!! You guys ROCK!! :-D We love you!!

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  1. Colleen Ann said,

    Up until the part where she was helping Gibby, Sam didn’t bully Freddie as much. They looked like they were two good friends hanging out. The whole, where did you get Fredilupe scene ( even though it was just backround noise) was secret seddie all the way. Freddie is begining to notice what Sam does and less of what Carly does. He never ever ever asked Sam about her nicknames before. Now, after he gets a little taste of Carly he does? Also, when Freddie was like, where can I get one of those? Sam was smiling behind him then you notice that the smile almost looks- forced…. She wants to scream, turn around dude, there’s a willing one behind you! ( haha in my wildest seddie dreams) that’s about it. Thx for giving me the chance to vent my seddie feelings!


    • Seddie4Ever0104 said,

      Good Thinking! LOL! In my dreams too!! 🙂

    • seddie4eva said,

      i agree with everything you said 🙂

  2. Kaylee said,

    OMG! Guys you have to check this out!!! It’s Dan’s Major iCarly news he just announced a few minutes ago!!!!!


  3. Nadia said,

    I’m hoping, wishing, PRAYING that the uncut version of iSYL has a little bit more seddie!

  4. seddie4eva said,

    Dan Schneider said in his fun facts for iEnrage Gibby that:

    The last line of this scene is Freddie saying (about Tasha), “I want one of those!” But when we shot this scene, there was another line after that. Sam put her arm around Carly and said (to Freddie), “Dude, you can’t even get one of THESE” (referencing Carly). I cut that line out, because I felt it played weird coming so soon after iSaved Your Life. Know what I mean?

    If they had left that in, that would totally have been Secret Seddie.

    I loved everything about this episode, so many lol moments in there. Hahaha I think I almost died of laughter when I found out Sam was helping Gibby train lol…

    Also, please check out me and my BFF’s Seddie website!!! It is still a work in progress, but there is still some pretty good stuff there so check it out!!! Thanks 🙂

    Oh one more thing, how do you think Spencer managed to pretend he was dead for such a long time??? I thought he was a “horrbile lier…” (iRocked the Vote)

    • seddie4eva said,

      *horrible, sorry 😉

  5. Maia said,

    —> Freddie tells Carly he likes her “way better than most soups”. MOST?!? Does this mean that there are some soups he likes better than Carly? If so, WHAT SOUPS?!? 🙂
    Direct quote from Danwarp! I love when he hints this kind of stuff! I:) (Its a unabrow smiley face)

  6. Pigquet said,

    Hmmmm…secret Seddie I found in this one? Okay.

    -When Sam called him “Fredelupe” (or however you’d spell that, lol) she kinda did a little dance step or move, so to me that was her imagining herself/wishing to be dancing with him. LOL. Also, I love when he asked her about it, and she was just like “uhhh…” kind of embarrassed. Aww!

    -Sam and Freddie in the hall together when the asked Gibby and Tasha if they were going to the party. Like a couple almost, and they walked away confused about Gibby/Tasha TOGETHER. Whoo!

    -They looked too cute as hobos together at the party. I LOVE that picture! First thing I had to snap once I downloaded the ep.

    -Friendly to him in the hall, and she believes him about Tasha! Awesome!

    -When Freddie found out Sam was training Gibby, he acted like he felt betrayed. He may have been upset in the past, but not too shocked. Now he’s like “You’re my friend, why aren’t you on my side?!” Haha.

    -On the little profile about Freddie it says “Mother powders his underwear…” Why does she know this? J/K Also, handicaps “Too man to list” LOL, I love it.

    -“I’ll call Freddie an ambulance!” Concern!

    -She was happy when the two boys were friends again. Sweet.

    I know there was EVEN MORE if you look and listen hard enough, but that’s all I got. I ADORE this one…most because of the end, but yeah. ;D *coughinsaneGibby/Carlyshipperaswellcough*

  7. iLive4Seddie said,

    hey sarcastic leaves!! i know this is really late but i just was rewatching the episode and was wondering (in the scene where gibby is yelling at freddie after he tripped onto tasha), why does freddie get EXTREMELY offended when gibby calls him a dork, but just rolls his eyes at sam when she’s said it several times?

    Answer: he lovesss her xD

  8. andrea said,

    ola seddie es genial

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