Secret Seddie: iBelieve in Bigfoot

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Secret Seddie:

-Freddie: Why aren’t you in your eighties costume?

Sam: Why aren’t you more appealing?

-Sam: Let them fight. The only fun part about this whole Bigfoot debate is watching people scream at each other.

Freddie: People screaming at each other isn’t fun.

Sam: Yeah it is. (Could this mean Sam argues with Freddie all the time because she considers it fun? 😉 )

-Freddie unwilling takes the fall for Sam taking the bullhorn. (Classic Seddie)

-Carly: What are those?

Freddie: Motion activated night vision wireless cameras.

Sam moans

Freddie: See, I set these up in a tall tree, and when they pick up motion they turn on and transmit an audio video signal scanning a radius up to ten yards…

Sam moans again.

Sam: Ow, it hurts!

Carly: What?

Sam: The sound of him talking…

Freddie: Look Sam, I’m not just going to stand here…

Carly: Just set up your tree cameras.

Freddie glares at Sam: Okay.

-Sam beats up nerds who are also searching for Bigfoot.

Freddie smiling: It’s refreshing when she hurts someone who is not me. (How can you not love that line?)

Just for fun:

Remember this?

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