Secret Seddie: iBelieve in Bigfoot

May 9, 2010 at 2:48 am (iCarly, Seddie) (, , , , , )

Secret Seddie:

-Freddie: Why aren’t you in your eighties costume?

Sam: Why aren’t you more appealing?

-Sam: Let them fight. The only fun part about this whole Bigfoot debate is watching people scream at each other.

Freddie: People screaming at each other isn’t fun.

Sam: Yeah it is. (Could this mean Sam argues with Freddie all the time because she considers it fun? 😉 )

-Freddie unwilling takes the fall for Sam taking the bullhorn. (Classic Seddie)

-Carly: What are those?

Freddie: Motion activated night vision wireless cameras.

Sam moans

Freddie: See, I set these up in a tall tree, and when they pick up motion they turn on and transmit an audio video signal scanning a radius up to ten yards…

Sam moans again.

Sam: Ow, it hurts!

Carly: What?

Sam: The sound of him talking…

Freddie: Look Sam, I’m not just going to stand here…

Carly: Just set up your tree cameras.

Freddie glares at Sam: Okay.

-Sam beats up nerds who are also searching for Bigfoot.

Freddie smiling: It’s refreshing when she hurts someone who is not me. (How can you not love that line?)

Just for fun:

Remember this?

Please, don’t forget to tell us what YOU think. :-D Did you see more Secret Seddie than we did? Please tell us!! :-D Also feel free to tell us what your favorite part of the episode was. There are so many awesome things I can’t even begin to name them off.

As always we’d like to Thank You all so much for your support in everything!! You guys ROCK!! :-D We love you!!

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  1. Ta said,

    It’s not really an episode “event”, but I have noticed that since the creddie episode she’s been a bit more obnoxious toward him. I do like his observAtion about her dream. 🙂

  2. Archnemesis said,

    We’ve been mentioning on the forum about how flirty Freddie is when he says “Hey” to Sam at the lockers. They only seem to fight a lot when Carly is in the room. When it’s just the two of them, it’s way toned down.

  3. seddiefan1 said,

    Carly says “Sam is still asleep” and Freddie says something like “yeah she’s probably dreaming about robin’s weiners and chicken legs” or something I can’t exactly remember but I thought that was pretty seddie-ish

  4. PIgquet said,

    Oh, and you can’t possibly forget (excuse me if I got it wrong, I’ve only seen it once…) “She’s probably dreaming about running through a field of hot dogs and fried chicken legs” LOOOOL! I love that for so many reasons! I seriously screamed with Seddie glee!

    1. Meat mention. I mean, that’s totally cute Seddie hawtness.
    2. It shows how absolutely well he knows her. Plus, he laughed a little while he said it, so I think he finds her amusing and cute. He was the one to say it, not Carly.
    3. Its the only Fried Chicken thing again! Like your theory back in iThink They Kissed…only this time Freddie said it, not Sam! Is he admitting she thinks about him in her sleep/subconciousness using the code words “Fried Chicken” *eyebrow raise*

    Loved that line TO BITS! And, yes, all those others were classic Seddie. There may not have been a lot, but it was refreshing to at least SEE Sam again after iBloop and iWon’t Cancel the Show. This episode was plenty hilarious, too, so I give it two thumbs up!

    Thanks for the Secret Seddie recap! I missed these. ROCK ON MIGHTY SEDDIE WARRIORS!

  5. Hayley Callaway said,

    Love love love love love Seddie now. I used to be a spam fanatic but now that I’m getting back into watching the show I love seddie more now!

  6. Katniss said,

    Yah you miss that one part when sam was at her locker and freddie said “hey”
    in a flirty voice.

  7. good2beNinag said,

    i love your recap on iBelieve in Bigfoot but I do want to say something about Seddie in general.
    Haven’t you guys noticed that ever since iSYL that there has been more Seddie then Creddie. Like i have totally noticed. iWas a pageant girl, iSpace Out, iFix a popstar, iWon’t cancel the show and also iBelieve in Bigfoot!

  8. Marie said,

    Archnemesis is right. Whenever Carly is around, Sam and Freddie always seem to be fighting. When Carly isn’t around, they seem to be more flirty and happy around eachother. 🙂

  9. Océane said,

    I love all your posts : they’re funny and smarts but why don’t you continue them ? I mean you didn’t post something about iPsycho & iBeat the Heat (I know you made the video, it might be the reason why you don’t post anymore). But I like those post too so I encourage you to keep doing them, please for our Seddie obsession 🙂
    xoxox Thanks for this website 🙂

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