Current Season 4 Guide to iCarly + New Seddie Contest!

September 6, 2010 at 10:42 pm (iCarly, Seddie) (, , , , , )

Series Update:
iCarly has beginning to film it’s forth season. 🙂 Be sure to follow @DanWarp on Twitter for more information on the upcoming season.

Season 4 Titles:
-(#301) iGot a Hot Room [Aired July 30th, 2010]
-(#302) iDo [October 11th, 2010]
-(#303) iSell Penny-tees [October 2nd, 2010]
-(#304) iGet Pranky [September 25th, 2010]
-(#305) iSam’s Mom (Guest Star Jane Lynch) [September 11th, 2010]
-(#306) iPity The Nevel
-(#307) iHire An Idiot
-(#308 & #309) iStart A Fanwar (Guest Star Jack Black)
-(#310) Title TBA
-(#311-313) iCarly/Victorious Crossover

Guide provided MSN TV
(Please keep in mind that air dates may change due to Nick and Nick alone. )


RobSp1derp1g is holding a new Seddie Contest! Please check out RobSp1derp1g’s Blog for more info.


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  1. SeddieThunder said,

    😀 to both!!!!!!

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