1. seddiewarriorprincess said,

    Hey guys!!!!!! It’s AMAZINGLY FANTABULOUS to finally be able to comment on your blog! I’ve always been a massive massive massive fan of your videos and the blog (and a fellow Seddie obsessor XD).
    Anyways, I had a cool episode idea I wanted to share. It goes like this:
    After the events of iTwins, once Sam realises what Melanie did/exactly how much she (Melanie unfortunately) actually likes Freddie (haven’t seen the ep, sorry), Sam decides to come clean and admit Melanie is real.
    Freddie decides to be a gentleman and ask Melanie to an upcoming dance BUT he accidentally asks SAM instead, because he can’t tell the two apart!
    Sam is both flattered and confused (why did he ask her of all people? And why did he call her Melanie? She left!), however for reasons unknown to even herself (not to us though!) she actually decides to go along with it.
    So, they go to the dance and have a pretty good time, even though Sam finds it hard to keep up the ‘Melanie’ act. Freddie notices ‘Melanie’ acts differently from the last time he saw her, but ignores it.
    Finally, Carly comes up to the two, teasing them and calling Sam by her real name… and Sam cracks under the pressure. She blurts out everything she has been hiding since they arrived – and also exactly what all Seddie fans have always wanted to hear! Freddie realises the feelings are mutual and the ep ends with them kissing then slow-dancing to Paramore’s ‘The Only Exception’ (ULTIMATE Seddie song, check it out).
    I’m trying to persuade my dad (I’m 11 years old) to request a mashup on Youtube of Jennette McCurdy’s ‘Homeless Heart’ mashed with ‘The Only Exception’ or Jennette herself singing the latter song, but it has so far been unsuccessful.

  2. N!KK! said,

    Ello!! i would just like to say that i THINK in ONE of the epis, that Sam goes to juvy (not surprised XD) and Freddie goes and visits her; i hav a prediction:….. and i still dont have one BUT, i DO think that its sweet of him to do that 😉

  3. ilovefashion121 said,

    To be honest, I’m not surprised either. XD

  4. Nikki said,

    hey guys!! like NUMB 1 FAN HERE!!! I JUST LOVED THE EPI iGot A Hot Room!! THERE IN BED!! I CANT BELIEVE IT!! and also after some commercials, Sam n Freddie sing together!! like a REAL song!!

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